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We are thrilled to be hosting our 40th reunion and are so excited about the response rate.  45 (+) have already RSVP to celebrate with us! If you have not RSVP, please do before May 22, 2023 and come join in on the fun.

  • Those registered by May 22nd, will receive a button name tag with their high school picture.

  • A group picture will be taken at 7:30 pm on Saturday, at the reunion to be posted on this website.

  • Please note the venue's smoking policy.  If you smoke, smoking is only allowed at the outdoor pavilion.  Please do not throw ciggerette butts and ashes on the ground.  There will be buckets out by the pavilion for ashes and cigarette butts. 

Please continue to check here often for updates. Saturday, June 10th is approaching fast and this is a great place to look for updates and all reunion related information.


Don’t hesitate to reach out with additional questions, and don’t forget to RSVP. See you soon!

Please share any photos from high school or other times you have gotten together with classmates.  Please email to  Must by received by

May 25, 2023 to be included.

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